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Activities of the Quality Assurance and Planning Office includes, but not limited to the following:

  1. Assist in setting performance standards
  2. Assist in developing plans and policies
  3. Monitor strategic plan of the University
  4. Central time table management
  5. Monitor all activities of quality assurance
  6. Assist with internal and external accreditation process
  7. Provide advice and policy alternatives on quality assurance to management
  8. Liaison Unit for external stakeholders
  9. Coordinate the quality assurance sub-committees
  10. Coordinate the University Ranking Committee
  11. Assist to implement performance appraisal mechanism for all staff
  12. Assist with design and carry out surveys.
  13. Assist to gather appropriate data through the survey and research for   publication.
  14. Coordinate the publication of university statistics and quality assurance bulletin
  15. Assist in rating extra teaching loads
  16. Assist and provide data for academic planning i.e. admissions
  17. Assist to determine staff/student ratio for planning purposes
  18. Liaise with various stakeholders like college exams with regards to the academic software.
  19. Coordinate exams monitoring and member on Examinations Committee.
  20. Assist to develop appropriate policy for academic purposes
  21. Assist to produce student ID cards for staff and students
  22. Assist with the management of all student data
  23. Assist in the development of appropriate applications systems for effective data management
  24. Assist in providing organized data to all major stakeholders.
  25. Coordinate and arrange data to publish the Basic Statistics for congregation each year.
  26. Coordinate and arrange data to publish the Quality Assurance Bulletin each year.
  27. Conduct Students’ Appraisal of Lecturers each semester.
  28. Organize various capacity building workshops for staff.
  29. Organize Summer School for all categories of staff each year
  30. Collate and submit information about staff and students of KNUST to the National Accreditation Board (NAB) and National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE) each year